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On this site you will find a large selection of quick and easy chinese stir fry recipes. We have all the popular stir fry recipes such as stir fry dried scallops, stir fry spicy shrimp and much much more! Click here to browse our recipe listing. Bookmark this site or subcribe to our rss feed to get the most recent recipes. Visit us often and enjoy our recipes!!


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What is stir fry?


Stir frying is a common chineses cooking technique in which the ingredients are cut into small bite size pieces and then continously stirred in a wok such as the one shown below. It is essential to pre-heat oil in the wok to high temperature before cooking the ingredients. This would give the food quality “wok hei”. The term “wok hei” is used to describe how well the flavour and “essence” of the ingredients are brought out naturally. Stir frying, unlike steaming and simmering, keeps the texture of the food.



Joyce Chen 9-pc. Wok Set

Joyce Chen 9-pc. Wok Set

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Featured Chinese Stir Fry Recipe

Chinese Broccoli Beef in Oyster Sauce




 Chinese Broccoli with Beef in Oyster Sauce
Chinese broccoli 300g
Beef 150g
Chopped garlic 2 teaspoons
Olive oil 2 teaspoons

Marinade Ingredients

Soya sauce 1 tablespoon
Olive oil ½ teaspoon
White pepper A bit

Sauce Ingredients

Oyster sauce 2 teaspoons
Soya sauce 1 teaspoon
Salt ¼ teaspoon
Corn starch 1 teaspoon
Water ¼ cup


1. Cut beef across grain into thin slices.


2. Add marinade ingredients into beef and stir for 15 seconds until beef is sticky / smooth.  Marinate for 30 minutes.


3. Wash Chinese broccoli and drain.  Discard the ends. Cut into 2-inches sections.


4. Pre-mix 1 tsp of cornstarch and ¼ cup of water together and set aside.


5. Preheat 1 tsp of olive oil in a wok over high temperature; add in 1 tsp of garlic, saute until golden. 


6. Put in Chinese broccoli and ¼ tsp of salt (add a bit of water if necessary).  Stir fry Chinese broccoli to the desired texture.  Remove and put it on a dish.


7. Preheat 1 tsp of olive oil in a wok over high temperature; add 1 tsp of garlic, stir fry until golden. 


8. Put in beef, 2 tsp oyster sauce and 1 tsp of soya sauce. 


9. When beef is almost cooked; quickly remix the cornstarch solution and add in.


10. Stir fry until beef is cooked and sauce is thick.


11. Pour beef and sauce onto the Chinese broccoli.


Hope you enjoy this recipe!


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